Are companies benefiting from the abundance of knowledge
made free and available by Web 2.0?

A survey by of 500 U.S. professionals on their knowledge sharing habits.

88% of professionals say it's important to be informed of third-party industry news.

84% say third-party content makes them more efficient by teaching them something about their job.

Key findings:

While there is consensus on the importance of sharing knowledge within organizations, current systems have not adapted to third-party content.

With Web 2.0 came information overload but also an incredible amount of third-party knowledge that professionals consume on a daily basis but don't share efficiently yet with their colleagues - making it a vast untapped opportunity for companies to be more efficient.


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64% say that third party content even helped them close a sale.

Yet, 74% of respondents receive mostly non-relevant content from their colleagues.

And only 18% of respondents said that the current system of third party information sharing is efficient.

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